DDR Memory Cooler Reviews

You can find a myriad of DDR memory cooler reviews on the internet. Each comes with its own advantages and features. One technology in use is the ULTRA Copper Memory Cooler. This particular memory cooler works with many forms of DDR memory. All you do is attach the memory cooler strips to either side of your memory module. It is simple stick and peel tape. It uses a high conductivity thermal pad to draw heat from the memory chips into the copper heat shield. It helps to increase the performance and life of any memory module. It is simple to install and the perfect way to protect your computer’s memory.

Corsair Dominator Airflow Memory Fan

Another technology in DDR memory cooler reviews is the Corsair Dominator memory airflow fan. Another option when it comes to keeping memory cool is by using airflow fans. This particular brand uses 3-40 mm tachometer-controlled fans to draw air across the memory modules to reduce heat. This particular brand works well with other Corsair products such as the Dominator heat sinks and Dominator memory modules.

Corsair Dominator GT

These fans run at nearly silent levels. They clip in above the memory sockets and run off of the computer’s power source. You need adequate headroom for the fan unit.

A third technology in DDR memory cooler reviews is the Vantec ICEBERQ DDR memory warm spreader. This particular memory cooler dissipates the heat from RAM modules by a drawing the heat away using aluminum or copper heat spreaders. This particular model sticks to the memory module using aluminum or copper protector and a thermal pad. The memory clips down into the normal slot. This helps avoid system crashes and installs within a few seconds. It is similar to the ULTRA brand, but uses a bit different configuration.

Vantec Iceberq Memory Heat Spreader

A final technology in DDR memory cooler reviews is the Zalman VGA Ram Heatsink ZM-RHS1. This particular form of memory cooler works specifically with VGA cards. The memory on these can get as hot as those on the motherboard can. By using these particular heat sinks, the memory remains cooler while the heat dissipates instead of sitting on the memory chips. This can enhance performance while preventing graphics problems.

Zalman VGA Memory Cooler

With high performance memory, comes higher temperatures. Using a memory cooler is one way to keep your computer hopping without crashing. Look at what your computer has and see if you can find a memory cooler to fit your motherboard and memory needs.